[- POINT-90 -]

  • One of the most dynamic areas and the best location in new Cairo where it is located on an important artery and close to the American University directly and in front of the Hotel Larwa in addition to the 2 malls under construction , & 2 other malls point 90 and spot mall.

Project details

  • Receive your unit within 6 months

    Al mostasmreen el ganoubyeen (in front of the American University).

    The site features:
    The whole campounds area is characterized by sophistication and spacious green spaces.
    Near coumpound la rose & latera.

    In front of compound Le Rois
    The site is very vital because it is in front of the American University and this street is characterized by four moles under construction) means all the services and entertainment centers around you.

     2 minutes from America plaza.

    Two minutes from the 90th Street and restaurants and banks
    few minutes from the air hospital
     A minute of the ring road
     Next to the largest international schools

     Sign up with 50% advance and receive your unit within 6 months
       The spaces start from 200, 315 meters.

    for more information please contact us

    Villa area 630 m
    Business volume is 30 million pounds