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AL narges Buildings
  • Al-Nargis is considered to be one of the best and most prestigious neighborhoods in the 5th settlement in the new city of Cairo

Project details

  • Al Nargis division - most of the neighborhoods of New Cairo - to the villas and other areas of the buildings. The buildings consist of a ground floor and 4 floors in the villas, consisting of two floors and a ground floor. Apartments for sale in the fifth assembly District Nargis so there are apartments in other buildings and apartments inside the villas, both of which receive the demand of individuals of each type according to its features that meet the needs of different individuals.
    All services in the Nergus area are suitable for all members of the family. The area is divided into five districts, providing time for access to marketing and entertainment centers suitable for all individuals such as Seven Stars Mall, Silver Star, Marhaba Mall, New Cairo Court and Medical Park. For medical services in addition to the Fifth Assembly and Fatima Sharbatli Mosque. It is also close to the Ring Road, which facilitates movement to 
    Villa area 700 m
    Business volume is 18 million pounds